Charter of "Progressive Women Organization"(PWO)

Progressive Women Organization (PWO) has been established, aimed at radicalising the organized fighting, beyond any hegemony mania, against the criminal, gynophagite, and treacherous regime of Iran.

This organization has been inspired and commenced by the constant struggle of women around the globe, particularly the women in Iran who are under double repression at the current situation under the very sinister religious fascist regime, especially fighting for 23 years since 1979 which our people has been taken as hostages by an unelected small minority, the so called " Islamic Republic". Aimed to overthrow the regime and consolidating the solidarity within the progressive movements of women, in align to establish a humane and progressive regime and attempting to achieve the over booted rights of all classes, especially the women.

It is very necessary to promote the knowledge of women about their fundamental rights as equal human beings, divulging the crimes of despotic regime of clergymen; because awareness is required to fight against any dictatorship and hegemony mania, even in the opposition spectrums and especially the prevailing patriarchy in our seized country.

The Progressive Women Organization (PWO) is a democratic, popular and independent institution that is fighting against the repression of the regime upon people, especially women, against the reactionary and imperialist regimes, which have patriarchy as their axis and against all kinds of gender violation.

As a democratic institution comprising those individuals, irrespective of their different ethnic and religious philosophies and insights which respects their privacy, it is fighting any sort of gender violation indirection to achieve the most progressive goals in order to create a democratic and laic system, providing equal situation and rights for all the citizens, expanding civil society guarding its freshness by enhancing the level of knowledge individually and publicly.

It is popular while is insisting to adjudicate the violated rights and interests of majority of oppressed women, especially workers whose rights has been treaded, attempting to achieve their wishes as equality for human beings beyond any sort of definitions: ethnical, racial, religious and minority

The existed prevailing circumstances has brought her to this idea that achieving woman emancipation is only possible by women themselves and it would not be reached but through the full support of masses of women, by making them cognisant to their equal rights, and by organizing them.

This institution is independent of governments, state parties and organizations depended on global powers, although it has solidarity with all the movements, organizations and political parties, which are fighting against reactionary regimes, imperialism any sort of suppression.

This institution has been formed in attempting to accomplish the definite aim of struggling against any kind of violation upon women and move forward to popular enlightenment of women and men equally to have more knowledge of the rights of all human beings as equal citizens.

The Progressive Women Organization believes, that the women problem is one of the main axis of struggle of Iranian. And without solving this problem, it is impossible to establish an independent, democratic and free society but to end the sovereignty of predominant reactionary classes and dependency on imperialism and establishment of democracy and freedom in favour of Iranian people as a whole especially and the labour masses of people in particular.

From the point of view of this organization, the emancipating movement of women is a political one, because it is confronting the reactionary political powers that are the strongholds of patriarchy and suppression exercised on women.

The religious fascist and corrupt regime of clergymen in Iran the so called "Islamic Republic", is the main symbol of patriarchy; and this kind of regimes are the first and biggest barrier for democratic demands of women; thus we are for separation of state from church. Of course one cannot limit the just struggle of women to this point but this is the most fundamental and urgent demands of Iranian women.

The despotic regimes are disseminating the culture of the men sovereignty in both the society and the family, which has limited the energy and creation of women. Hence, we call on the women to tear the chain of obedience in order to eliminate the double suppression that has been imposed historically on them by man in family and by society as well. We should uproot the essential problem, which is the despotic Middle Age, fanatic regimes. Only a progressive regime is able to break from patriarchy and make democracy feasible.

This organization will face the patriarchal manner and views dominating in opposition groups, which has polluted the atmosphere of political parties, organizations; and will effort to make them aware of the heed of putting a profound and transparent break with the outdated and obsolete traditions.

Support the just struggle of different classes against religious, national and classs suppression, condemning the ruthlessness that have been exercised upon the people in the world, and will respond to them by suitable action.

The Progressive Women Organization (PWO) puts the priority on attempting to elevate the level of knowledge of women and to mobilize them against the suppression exercised upon them in the different arenas of the state, the culture of man predominated society, and the outdated social traditions imposed on them by the reactionary regimes. At the same time it pays attention to promoting the knowledge of men; enlightening them to abandon the man-dominating thoughts and to end collaborating of men with regimes treading the rights of women and men as well.

This organization recognizes itself as a part of global women movement especially and universal movement for human rights in general. And it will try to consociate the union of women democratic revolutionary movement and the others at the progressive opposition scene, mutually supporting their common campaign in both local and global levels.

This organization believes that without enjoying the political power the women can not achieve their just demands for equality and independent personality with the other half of the society and is convinced that education, knowledge, making progress, and achieving equal political power, socio-economic and political or rightetc the principle of reaching a humane and progressive society.

Simultaneously, is attempting to provide an equal quantity of qualified women and men for the replacing of the old regime , man and woman hand in hand establishing the dignified society worthy to the contemporary human beings. This could not be feasible but through transparent struggle in direction of achieving equal rights for women and men, in faithfulness to progressive feminism. The only way impelling the people for liberty and emancipation requires to get rid of selfishness and hegemony mania.


The Priorities of Progressive Women Organization

Overthrowing the regime of inquisition, corruption, darkness and superstitions thoroughly.

Freedom for all political/conscience prisoners and abolishment of execution penalty.

Separation of state from church, establishment of a secular democratic regime, safeguarding individual religious freedom.

Equality and liberty for women and men at the all level of social, cultural, political and economical and legal life.

To recognize the right of women for abortion with the state facilities, putting a priority on promoting the learning of women and men about the preventing undesired pregnancy to avoid more abortions.


The Slogans and Demands of our struggle

Constant struggle to free the political prisoners

Defending the asylum rights especially for the women who have been under double suppression. Fighting against racism, apartheid and gender apartheid.

Fighting against gender violation/discrimination under the pretext of cultural relativism, and against inhuman action of stoning.